A great pretzel combined with support that feels like family

Our Model is Simplicity

Simple Menu

We offer fresh "hot outta the oven" pretzels and a few other products such as pretzel dogs, pretzel cheeseteaks, peperoni melts, and cinnamon pretzel twists. We make it as easy as possible to run our system, so we we keep our product line limited.

Solid Support

We focus on providing unmatched franchise support through our Franchise Support Managers who work with you to maintain operation efficiency and build sales through store visits and consistent communication.

Proven Growth

Since our first franchise opened nearly 20 years ago, in-stores sales have continued to grow. In fact, 45% of franchise owners own multiple stores.

A Leader in the Franchising Industry


Build on Loyal Support

Opening a new business is a huge undertaking, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our team is here to provide the support and training you need to ensure your store starts off strong and continues to grow.

The 8 Ways We Get You Off The Ground



Steps to Becoming a Philly Pretzel Factory Owner

The Support to Keep You Going Strong



Our 3 Business Models



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